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Meet Our Support Staff


Sarah, Certified Veterinary Technician, Practice Manager with Lamar and Lenore

Meet Sarah

Sarah is excited to be a part of the North Shore Family Pet team! She has been working in the veterinary field for over 15 years. Sarah began her career in shelters, and she has since worked in both general and specialty practices from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. After completing her undergraduate degrees in History and Biological Sciences, she obtained her Veterinary Technician Certification from Madison, Wisconsin. During her free time, Sarah spoils her Chihuahua mixes, Lamar and Lenore, and her cat, Nia.

Janina, Certified Veterinary Technician, Assistant Manager with Tux

Meet Janina

Janina is thrilled to be part of the North Shore Family Pet team! She has been working in the veterinary field since 2008. Janina graduated with honors from Chicago State University, earning a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She has a very handsome and zealous pit bull mix named Tux. Janina aspires to one day go on an African Safari!


Jillian, Client Service Representative with Miller

Meet Jillian

Jillian has worked in the veterinary field since 2000. She began her career at emergency and specialty ophthalmology centers. We welcome Jillian to her first veterinary general practice: North Shore Family Pet! When she is not at work Jillian enjoys spending time with her three sons: Brandon, Dylan, and Joey and her 4-legged kids, Turtle "Herbert", two cats "Gary" and a sweet cat "Luna" and an energetic, sociable Pitbull puppy named "Miller". As a big fan of the NFL, Jillian is always looking forward to the next season!

Emmy, Client Service Representative with Dazey and Diesel

Meet Emmy

Emmy is delighted to be part of the North Shore Family Pet team! All of Emmy’s previous professional experience revolves around animals, whether in a medical setting or canine socialization setting. Emmy has a passion for canine preventative care and behavior. She particularly enjoys observing interactions with humans. Perhaps Emmy will someday pursue dog training or a specialty certificate in canine behavior. Emmy has two adorable dogs, a sweet pitbull named Diesel and a darling American Staffordshire Terrier named Dazey. Both are rescued, and Dazey underwent successful training to become dog friendly and has becomee a productive member of canine society! Emmy is leaving the country for the first time in 2018 for a trip to Mexico. Other travel goals include Greece and Italy.

Gina, Client Service Representative

Meet Gina

Gina started out in the veterinary field as a technician and has additional education in grooming and training. Gina is most interested in puppy training and breeding. What she loves the most about North Shore Family Pet is the level of care for the patients and clients. Her favorite hobbies are training and doing scent work with her dog Rocco. Her favorite food is her Mom’s Lasagna. Her dream vacation would be to travel to Hawaii one day. Gina has a whole zoo at home that includes Rocco (Doberman Pinscher), Cats: Boo Boo, Jack, Dixie, and Leia, a tortoise, snake, 2 lizards, and 2 cockroaches!

Ashlee, Client Service Representative

Meet Ashlee

Ashlee hails from Los Angeles and is still trying to adjust to Chicago winters! Ashlee obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communications and then entered the human medicine field. In 2022, Ashlee exited the human field to gain knowledge of veterinary medicine at NSFP, where she is thriving! She especially enjoys the friendliness of her coworkers and forging relationships with clients and their pets. Despite embracing a healthy lifestyle that includes daily workouts, Ashlee will indulge in French toast or gumbo. When she isn’t working (or working out), Ashlee enjoys traveling to NYC, Mexico, or back to LA for a Rams game! At home, she snuggles with her two sweet kitties: Gigi and Coco.

Nancy, Client Service Representative with Grady

Meet Nancy

Nancy began her veterinary career as a technician before switching to full time client service representative. She found that she enjoys working with a team of people who have a passion for animals. Nancy has a special interest in client education and senior patient care. When she is not at work, she loves to travel, preferably anywhere with white sandy beaches or Italy. Her favorite food is vanilla ice cream and she loves to read novels. Her favorite thing about NSFP is the way we go above and beyond for clients, and that the doctors are always willing to see “just one more pet”. Nancy has two cats named Chingy and Smithy, and a one-eyed Maltese mix named Grady.

Nicole, Client Service Representative, Veterinary Assistant

Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole! Nicole left the corporate world to follow her passion to work with animals- and we are so happy she did! Nicole joined NSFP in 2021 and exceeds clients’ expectations daily. She says NSFP really puts the ‘Fam’ in Family! Nicole is an avid adventurer and cyclist, and her two dogs, Tucker and Kaia, often join her on the trails and at the Lake. While Kaia chases balls and dock dives, Tucker sunbathes. When not burning calories outside, Nicole loves to enjoy a Lou Malnati’s pizza while watching the Chicago Blackhawks. Nicole plans to pursue her veterinary technician certification, and one day, explore Italy!


Stephanie, Certified Veterinary Technician, CCRP with Jake

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie joined the NSFP family in 2014. She earned her CVT license in 2011, and her CCRP degree in 2017. Since 2017, Stephanie has worked as a canine and feline rehabilitation practitioner at various specialty centers, in addition to maintaining her shifts in general practice. Stephanie loves everything about veterinary medicine but has a special interest in senior patient care and emergency medicine. Her favorite thing about NSFP is the levels of compassion and skill exhibited by her coworkers and doctors. In her free time, she loves to draw and spend time with her two kids and husband. Stephanie loves traveling to Arizona and one day would like to travel to Europe. She has three dogs at home, Jake (Pitbull), Sarge (German Shepherd), and Bam (Bulldog/Pitbull mix).

Sally, Certified Veterinary Technician with Martha

Meet Sally

Sally graduated in 2015 from the Veterinary Technician Institute at Fox College with an A.S. in Veterinary Technology. Before joining North Shore Family Pet, Sally worked for two years at a clinic that also treats avian and exotic species. Sally is excited to put her small animal skills to use on a daily basis. At home, Sally has two dogs: Shady, a German Shepherd mix, as well as Martha, a Puggle who she rescued in 2013. Together, they like to go on walks, bike rides, and play fetch. During Sally’s free time, she likes to go on long bikes rides with her dad, running, cooking with her mother, and building memories with her siblings. Sally likes to travel and is looking forward to one day traveling to Paris, Hawaii, and Bora Bora. Sally is fluent in English and Spanish.

Anna, Certified Veterinary Technician with Baby

Meet Anna

Anna started working in the veterinary field in 2014 as a kennel assistant. She graduated from the Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2018. Her clinical hands-on experience has been with emergency and critical care medicine. In the future, she plans on obtaining a specialized degree in Emergency and Critical Care veterinary medicine. She looks forward to improving her skills and furthering her career at NSFP, and especially appreciates how every patient is treated as an individual and is cared for with such compassion. Anna and her family have a myriad of furry friends. Her cats are Nala, Cheshire, and Anubis. Her dogs are Duncan (rott/shepherd mix), Bella-Rae (blue heeler), and Nacho (pom-chi). In her spare time, Anna enjoys music, drawing, and fostering difficult animal cases. A particular goal of hers is to travel and volunteer with animals in developing countries.

Janet, Certified Veterinary Technician with Chester

Meet Janet

Bio Coming Soon!

Felicia, Certified Veterinary Technician (Relief)

Meet Felicia

Felicia completed her bachelor’s degree in biology prior to earning her license as a veterinary technician. She has spent her career in emergency medicine, critical care, and surgery. Felicia is dedicated to quality patient care and appreciates the genuine level of love and compassion displayed at NSFP. When she gets a minute to relax, Felicia enjoys family time- this typically includes a meal of sushi or ramen, a Bears or Bulls game, or gardening. If traveling, she visits extended family in St. Thomas. While she doesn’t currently have any fur-babies, she adores her tortoise Tinkerbell and her leopard gecko Skittles.

Shirley, Veterinary Technician with Rattata and Gus Gus

Meet Shirley

Shirley was born and raised in Perú. She graduated from the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College in May, 2014. Over the years, Shirley has been volunteering and completing community hours at various animal hospitals. She has two rescued cats, Sizzle who loves to learn tricks and socialize, and Penny who is sweet but shy. Shirley and her husband welcomed baby girl, Emilia, to their family in 2016. Her dream vacation is to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and learn to scuba dive with sharks. Shirley is excited and thankful to be part of the wonderful team at North Shore Family Pet! Shirley is fluent in English and Spanish.

Nicole, Certified Veterinary Technician

Meet Nicole

Bio Coming Soon!

Carden, Certified Veterinary Assistant

Meet Carden

Carden has always had a soft spot for animals. In high school, he worked at an animal shelter. He is especially interested in kitten care and has fostered numerous litters. In 2021, he graduated from Animal Behavior College with a Veterinary Assistant Certification. Prior to his veterinary certification, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in History Education. Carden is a full-time middle school teacher who enjoys anything related to the outdoors. He would like to one day travel to the Smokey Mountains. His favorite food is steak. When Carden is not teaching, he is at North Shore Family Pet working hard and enjoying the patients. Carden has a Husky, Astro, a German Shepherd, Nahla, and two cats.


Nate, Veterinary Assistant with Weezer

Meet Nate

Nate and Dr. Bannow have been working together since 2008. Nate started working as a veterinary receptionist in 2004, and began training as a veterinary technician in 2007. Nate came to veterinary medicine after working ten years as a teacher’s assistant for special needs children. Although he enjoys working with all animals, Nate does admit to a fear of birds! On his time off, Nate plays with his spunky cat "Weezer", and is an avid reader and cinephile.

Francisco, Veterinary Assistant with Chum

Meet Francisco

Francisco was born in Guatemala. He has been happily working as a veterinary technician for more than 13 years. He is proud to be a part of the great family at North Shore Family Pet. He enjoys spending his free time with his three lovely girls: his wife, his daughter Emily, and his Pomeranian mix Ruby. Francisco also loves watching Spain’s soccer league; being a die-hard Barcelona and Argentina fan, he never misses a game! Francisco is fluent in English and Spanish.

John, Veterinary Assistant with Holly

Meet John

John joined the United States Army after high school and travelled the world. He states during all his adventures and experiences, his interactions with the clientele and pets of North Shore Family Pet Hospital have been the most rewarding. John hopes to formally complete a veterinary technician program in the near future. From a young age, John has felt drawn to animals, their training, and healthcare. After growing up with Great Danes, large breed dogs hold a special place in his heart. When he isn’t studying veterinary medicine, John is playing the card game Magic the Gathering, hanging out with his nephew, and following the Dallas Stars hockey team. John also enjoys travelling to Michigan with his feisty Shar-pei, Holly.

Allie, Veterinary Assistant with Milo

Meet Allie

Allie has been working in the veterinary field since 2011, and she is very enthusiastic about working alongside the staff at North Shore Family Pet! Loving animals of all shapes and sizes, Allie has worked with not only cats and dogs but with exotic animals as well. Allie continues her veterinary education with special interests in oral hygiene, weight management and rehabilitation. At home, she has a Pomeranian named Charlie and three formerly feral cats, Milo, Ella & Barney; all of whom she loves dearly. In her spare time, Allie enjoys long hikes and adventures in the local forest preserves. She also loves to draw in her sketchbook and play video games.

April, Veterinary Assistant with Mr. Tutu and Steven

Meet April

April joined NSFP in the summer of 2019 and we are thrilled to have her as part of the team! April has worked in veterinary medicine since 2015. She will soon begin classes to become a certified veterinary technician. She is particularly interested in surgical and anesthetic procedures, and also enjoys bonding with pets during outpatient appointments. In her free time, April enjoys drawing, painting, knitting, and gardening. Someday, April would love to go hiking in Ireland and Scotland. Currently, April has a smart little Yorkie named Mr. Tutu (named for the date he was adopted: August 22nd) and two cats: Steven and Garnet (both named for the cartoon Steve Universe). April is fluent in English and Korean.

Sophia, Veterinary Assistant

Meet Sophia

Sophia always knew she wanted to work with children or animals. After completing her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and teaching for several years, Sophia began transitioning to veterinary medicine. She has a special interest in internal medicine and partnered with internist Dr. Donna Spector for three years. Sophia is dedicated to client education and senior pet care, especially helping clients understand available treatment options for their pets. Sophia’s own fur-babies keep her very busy! She shares her home with two dogs Milo and Trigger, and three cats Emmie, Piper, and Archie. Sophia is fluent in English and American Sign Language (ASL).

Mariah, Veterinary Assistant

Meet Mariah

Mariah is currently enrolled in Penn Foster studying to be a Certified Veterinary Technician. North Shore Family Pet is her first job in the field and enjoys being part of the team! She’s known that she has wanted to work in the veterinary field since she was 16 years old and has a special interest in animal behavior/psychology. Her hobbies are dancing and roller skating, and she loves pasta and Chinese food. One day her goal is to travel outside of the country, specifically Egypt and Bali. While she doesn’t currently have any pets of her own, Mariah provides extra cuddles to all the cats while at work.

Megan, Veterinary Assistant

Meet Megan

Bio Coming Soon!

Abby, Veterinary Assistant

Meet Abby

Bio Coming Soon!

Alicia, Veterinary Assistant

Meet Alicia

Bio Coming Soon!


Kaitlyn, Hospital Assistant with Dolly

Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn joined the NSFP family May 2020 as an assistant, and we are so glad she did! She is currently enrolled at DePaul University as a business major and she’s hoping to combine her passions for photography and helping animals into a career one day. Kaitlyn says her favorite aspect of NSFP is the love and respect displayed by her coworkers; everyone treats patients as if they are their own pets. During school breaks, Kaitlyn visits family in Florida and roots for her hometown heroes, the Cubs. Although she doesn't currently have any fur-babies of her own, Kaitlyn enjoys lots of snuggles with the awesome dogs and cats of NSFP!

Marissa, Hospital Assistant with Sage

Meet Marissa

Marissa was originally in school for Law Enforcement, but while working at NSFP she realized the veterinary field is her passion. She has rightfully declared herself NSFP’s “designated puppy snuggler”. Marissa loves the close relationships between NSFP staff and clients/patients and feels good about knowing that clients/patients are well taken care of. She loves being outdoors, spending time with friends/family, and snuggling with her pets. Her favorite food is any kind of pasta. One of Marissa’s goals is to travel more often, especially to places that are warm and tropical. She has an English Cream Retriever puppy named Chester and a cat named Mew Mew.