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North Shore Family Pet Policies

We Treat Your Pet Like Family

Appointment Policies

Patients are seen on an appointment basis. Our appointment schedule is set-up to accommodate sick patients that need to be seen within in a day or two. Life-threatening emergencies take top priority and we ask for your patience as we treat these patients. We strive to stay on-time so everyone is happy.

For our clients,'drop-off' appointments are available if they are unable to schedule a regular appointment. Typically we ask you to bring your pet in the morning. One of our veterinarians will do an exam and any necessary tests during the day. When you arrive at the hospital, a veterinary technician will go over your concerns and ask pertinent medical questions, including vaccination history. Please allow time for this. Please bring a stool sample if indicated. When we have completed our examination, we will call to go over the diagnosis and discharge instructions.


Please arrive with your cat in a travel carrier. Cats are much more comfortable when contained in a small hard or soft-sided cat carrier. Our waiting room has ample room to separate cats from dogs. Our goal is to escort cat owners into an exam room as soon as possible in order to avoid potentially stressful contact with dogs, other cats, or new people. Cat carriers with a top-loading door are the best as they allow us to retrieve your cat in the least-threatening way. Sometimes we will do a physical exam while your cat is still in his or her soft bed or in the bottom section of the cat carrier. We want to do everything we can to reduce stress for you and your cat. If you need guidance on how to get your cat into a carrier, don't hesitate to call us for advice. More helpful information for transporting your cat to the veterinarian has been published by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.


It is essential that your dog is on a leash when visiting our hospital. We are located on a busy road and our parking lot is active with car traffic. Inside our waiting room, your dog must remain on a leash until taken into the exam room. Even if your dog is a good listener and is great with other dogs, some other dogs are very frightened at the veterinarian and may act unpredictably.

Payment Policies

Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept personal checks, cash, major credit cards and CareCredit.

Pet insurance has become more prevalent and, while it doesn’t cover all your veterinary expenses, can be helpful should your pet have an unexpected injury or illness. Every company is different; it’s a good idea to visit this pet insurance review to compare policies and find the one best suited for you and your pet.

Care Credit is a service that, if you are approved, will extend you a line of credit for medical expenses. Using CareCredit, your bill can be paid over six months interest-free. Various payment plans are available. We can help you fill out the application, which is typically approved within minutes. This method of extended credit provides you the opportunity pay for services over several months.

Return Policy

Just like with a human pharmacy, in accordance with FDA regulation CPG Section 460.300 medications are not returnable, products that have left our facility cannot be returned. However, opened bags of dog and cat food may be returned or exchanged because they are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Prescription Policy

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We Treat Your Pet Like Family!

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